• How do I start playing?

    Create user, after that, your personal account will be available. It's completely free and won't take much time.

  • Where to begin?

    You can play absolutely without attachments! Embark on an Adventure or the Tower of the Gods. Complete tasks and get resources and experience. Experience is needed to level up, and resources are needed to improve abilities!

  • What does the profile level give?

    A level will give you strength +5% per level! The reward in the form of gold in adventures and towers depends on your strength!
    Formula: POWER * 100 / (5 + 5 * LEVEL)

  • Adventures

    GOLD, DUST and EXP are mined in the adventures. Complete all the STAGES, for each of which you will receive a huge amount of rewards.

  • Tower of the Gods

    GOLD, SOUL and EXP are mined in the tower. For each completed floor, you will receive the rewards necessary to increase your POWER.


    GOLD - a currency that can be exchanged for real money for PURCHASES or for WITHDRAWAL. DUST and SOUL are necessary to improve abilities.

  • Star level of heroes

    Increase the star level of the hero, which increases POWER and MONEY/SEC. The star level is divided into 5 ranks, when you reach 5 stars of the current rank - you will receive a bonus star level! This is a free EVOLUTION step. The higher the star level, the more bonuses you will get!

  • Crypto token DRACO?

    The game is tied to the DRACO Token, you can find out more about the technology and the token rate here